Maison des Landes Hotel

Accessible Holidays in Jersey

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NB For self-catering enquiries, please telephone the hotel on 01534 481683.

The tariff includes:

  • Bed and breakfast, picnic or packed lunch, evening meal
  • Minibus tours as well as transfers from Jersey Airport or the Harbour; and
  • Free use of swimming pool and specialised equipment (although there is a charge for the hire of electric wheelchairs and mobility scooters ).

Group Bookings: Group leaders are asked to submit all relevant details, in particular estimated numbers of disabled guests, wheel chair users and carers/companions. For your information the hotel can accommodate a theoretical 50 guests but the actual maximum number is likely to be fewer than that, depending on individuals’ willingness to share rooms. The bedrooms are set up as 5 singles, 18 twins and 3 trebles.

To ensure that the hotel can look after our guests safely and securely, we ask disabled guests to complete a form giving details of his/her disability. Nursing care is not provided in the hotel and guests must be accompanied by an able-bodied escort capable of attending to all their personal needs. The District Nurse can call to give injections and other treatments but is not available for bathing and dressing. Those requiring the services of the nurse should inform the hotel when booking and bring a note from their own nurse or G.P. There will be a charge for the nurse.

Please complete the details shown left in order to make an initial request by email for accommodation at Maison des Landes Hotel. Upon receipt, a detailed information pack will be sent to you.

Please note that we strongly recommend that you take out travel insurance for your trip to Jersey. Our experience over the years is that the unexpected happens only rarely but, when it does, having travel insurance is a blessing.