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Maison des Landes Hotel for disabled people and their families. shared Visit Jersey's Super League Triathlon - Jersey. ...

Exciting news! The Super League Triathlon is coming to Jersey this September. The Brownlee Brothers will join 40 other top male and female triathletes, including 25 Olympians from around the world. Find out more about the event and offers to #theislandbreak here:

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Entertainment provided at the hotel by the Songsmiths Choir ...

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Maison des Landes Hotel for disabled people and their families. shared Chris Brookes Aerial Photography's video. ...

La Corbière lighthouse is 19m (62ft) high and the lamp stands 36m (119ft) above high water spring tides. It was lit on 24 April 1874, for the first time, and was the first lighthouse in the British Isles to be built of concrete. The beam has a reach of 18 miles (29 km), and was automated in 1976.There is an alarm to warn visitors to clear the causeway as the tide rises; still, there have been casualties among the unwary or unlucky. A plaque adjacent to the causeway commemorates Peter Edwin Larbalestier, assistant keeper of the lighthouse, who was drowned on 28 May 1946, while trying to rescue a visitor cut off by the incoming tide. Video copyrighted to - © Chris Brookes

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